Save water and money with NoFlush™Urinals
Welcome to the ultimate fixture in maintenance reduction and water conservation.

Since 1991, the US-Company Waterless Co. Inc. in Vista USA has been the technology leader in this category and we offer the most simple and most cost effective system on the world market. Our patented NoFlush™ urinals work completely without water or flush valves.
The system is touch-free, easy to install, improves restroom sanitation and eliminates odors.

Cost Savings

The operating costs of NoFlush™ urinals are very low. Drastic operating savings result as shown below, compared with the rising water plus sewer costs of conventional urinals.

Substantial savings in maintenance are achieved by the installation of No-Flush™ urinals. These savings are

  • Flush Valve Repairs
  • Waste Line Cleanouts
  • Deodorizers
  • Blockages
  • Overuse of Water
  • Overflows
  • Urinal Screens
  • Water Leaks

Additional savings may be realized by:

  • No winterization costs
  • Less water/sewer connection fees at new construction
  • Less pumping fees for septic tanks
  • Available rebates through your water districts
  • Reduced or No Vandalism

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