NoFlush™ - Products

The GW6 Waterless Urinal Cartridge

cartidgeA longer-lasting cartridge tolerant of standard cleaning practices for urinals that accept the Falcon Waterfree cartridge. Used extensively by government and companies in the United Kingdom .

Key Benefits

  • tolerant of commonly used chemicals, including acidbased cleaning products, as well as water
  • replaceable valve core typically lasts for at least 6
  • months, often as long as a year
  • designed specifically as an alternative to the Falcon
  • cartridge, not a multi-purpose cartridge with an adaptor
  • unique dual valve technology for added protection against odours
  • no special tools required
  • simple push-fit housing and screw-in valve core
  • housing can be easily replaced, if damaged

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BlueSeal - It's what makes NoFlushUrinals work

BlueSeal is our long lasting and biodegradable trap seal liquid. BlueSeal has a specific gravity lower than water or urine. It therefore remains for an extended period of time in the trap with urinal use (small amounts do get carried out with each urinal use), or BlueSeal remains indefinitely in the trap with no use, sealing trap odors.

NoFlushSeal has zero evaporation at 100 degrees F and does not freeze above -70 degrees F. The non-freezing feature allows facilities to eliminate or reduce urinal winterization costs.

Commercially available cleaners will not harm the NoFlushSeal in the EcoTrap.

BlueSeal is simply added in 3 ounce portions into the urinal EcoTrap via the PortionAid. Please follow instructions on bottle.

Note: The cleaning of Waterless urinals is effected the same way as cleaning conventional urinals. Replenishments of NoFlushSeal are simple and accurately measured with a PortionAid. Fill the PortionAid on top of the bottle by simply squeezing the bottle. Pour contents directly into the holes of the EcoTrap . The PortionAid minimizes the waste of BlueSeal.

EverPrime - Your Natural Trap Odor Solution!

Many facilities experience odors emanating from floor drains in restrooms, warehouses, public areas and confined spaces. These are mostly due to the trap seal in the trap evaporating over time, the trap seal not being replenished through trap primers or no additional water entering the trap, i.e. through wet mopping a floor. In addition, depending on the climate you live in, trap seals may evaporate rather quickly.

If the trap is configured with a trap primer, it may be that the trap primer no longer works. In case the trap was never outfitted with a primer, continuous replenishment of water to the trap is necessary to control odors, costing man hours and salaries.

EnterEverPrime!   Simply add about 1 gallon of water to the smelly floor drain and add approximately 3 ounces of EverPrime into the floor drain (on top of the water). Done! As long as there is no additional large amount of water entering the floor drain, EverPrime will last.

EverPrime pays for itself on its first appliaction. Just calculate what it may cost to answer a call that a facility or room smells. A custodian or plumber is dispatched to investigate, using their time, gas and resources. They find a smelly floor drain and try to remedy the situation. … And then may have to do it again in a couple of weeks or months!

Great for schools, colleges, stadiums, hospitals and other facilities where buildings/rooms are not occupied for an extended time.

EnviroClean - Urinal Fixture Cleaning Made Simple!

Specifically designed for use with any Waterless urinal, EnviroClean™ is simply sprayed onto the inside surface of the urinal and left alone. NO WIPING or SCRUBBING needed. Prolonged use will also assist in the possible reduction of build-up in the trap insert, effectively extending the trap life. Works on all non-water using and flushed urinals!